Miha Strukelj (1973, Ljubljana/Slovenia) is a visual artist working primarily in painting and also focusing on drawing and site-specific work. He explores the mechanism of perception and (de-)construction of images, examining the position of individuals in urban landscapes and how built environment defines their existence. Therefore he systematically abstracts reality and leaves us with a multilayered schema of lines and contours.
Strukelj has recently received three awards – a grant from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation 2008-09, the Henkel Drawing Award 2008 and the working scholarship of the Slovenian Ministry of Culture. His work has also been included in the National Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana, the Societe Generale Collection, the European Central Bank Collection, and many others. His work has also been presented in “Vitamin P; New Perspectives in Painting” by Phaidon Press. Strukelj has represented Slovenia at the Venice Biennial 2009. He ives and works in Ljubljana.