Michael Ramsauer's approach to painting is uncompromisingly consistent and stringent: not for him the relaxing pause nor the sudden stop before launching off in some more convenient, but unforeseen and unforeseeable direction; he will not avoid an obstacle by seeking the respite of an easy, circuitous route, nor swerve and plunge into tangled, tortuous vicissitudes of dizzying complexity; nor yet is he ever allured into the quicksands of falsely seductive oases. If he does come to a fork, he plans parallel, specular routes that are destined to rejoin each other further along the road they left. Ramsauer's way is, therefore and however, a rugged and perilous one, unaccommodating and treacherous: it is founded in the chance logic of a gamble and the consistency and stringency that govern his approach are none other than a determined keeping of faith with that wager, which postulates the inescapable commitment of a coming to terms with reality which, however, must be translated and achieved only through the visionary transfiguration of it, though it also remains possible to accept the provocation of the exercises in mimetic translation represented by his predilection for classical portraiture. © Lionello Puppi