Andras Kiraly - Bugs Bunny

$ 2050

Original painting
Oil on canvas
Signed by the artist

Size: 60 x 40 cm


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Fears and joy of the collective Mid-European thinking in the second half of the 20th century, or the images that are meaningful only for those in the east block become icons on the latest paintings of Andras Kiraly (1972, Mezotur/Hungary). Brought up in the Hungarian countryside, he is familiar with the household farming and the co-operative farm as well. As a youngster, he had worked on the field with his parents, therefore, these images and topics carry a fairly personal meaning for him. His end-medium is the painting which is created on the basis of photos of his own or he found. The thought, the picture or the word spoken believed to be universal might mean different things to all of us. For the mid-generation painter, the topic combined with robust pictorial quality creates the artwork. His paintings, made with humour and self irony, have a strong standpoint about memories not elaborated yet. In his present creative period, he inquires into political questions, within that, his focus is necessarily on the rural areas and on the agriculture. The artist was the winner of Esterházy Art Award in 2011. © Viltin Galeria